Friday, February 21, 2014

breaks soothe the soul

My blog is two months old today! :') 
Two months may not seem like long to some, but it's amazing that I've managed to keep something going for this long. I normally lose interest by now, but I love filtering my photos to death (thanks Vsco) and sharing it on the Internet. I also love reading what other people put out in the blogosphere from thought provoking posts to inspirational improving the quality of your life posts. So thank you blogsphere for existing and bloggers being here.

 #selfiegamestrong | My friend and I went to San Francisco yesterday and it was a good night! (despite not getting to the event on time oops and missing the artists we wanted to see) We waited in line for probably over an hour, but we became acquaintances with the people behind us which made the experience much more enjoyable and the time passed by faster - yay!

I got a small cup of soy mocha this morning, and it didn't help me in waking up at all since I took a three hour nap this afternoon - which was good because I (and my body) needed the sleep! Now I'm feeling a little more refreshed and ready to work. I have a few projects and assignments to get done, and I need to get started on my next module. But I'm actually really excited! Am I getting a productivity high? Maybe..

Before going on my nap, I made us a late lunch! It was really yummy and refreshing to have a lot of kale. I miss my veggies. My body tends to yearn for wholesome yummy foods after a night or weekend out. Oh I also made kale chips after my nap! It was all gone in a matter of minutes.


Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend? :)

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