Sunday, January 26, 2014

breakfast 365 // week one

1.20.2014 #1 / A simple omelette with eggs, cheddar cheese, spinach, a little quinoa, and a little grounded pork. It was yummy and I would definitely eat this again - it was a good combination especially if you like cheese.

1.21.2014 #2 / I call this my "berry monster" because here's what I learned: be careful with how much blackberries you put it because they're bitter in the center, goji berries probably aren't a good idea, 3 cups of spinach is too much, and don't just keep adding things in hoping it'll turn out good (because it never does - not for me anyway).

1.22.2014 #3 / A simple green smoothie to drink while I was preparing lunch. It was surprisingly really good (better than the day before - in color and taste). I used less spinach (only one cup), some mangoes, a banana, flaxseeds, and chia seeds (for fiber).

1.23.2014 #4 / Finally over my fear of overnight oats! The almond milk was sour the last time I made this, so I stopped eating it for a while (and I stopped making almond milk too). Added some chia and hemp seeds (you may notice that I like seeds - they're so little yet packed with so many nutrients!), coconut flakes, and cocoa nibs (still adjusting to the taste).

1.24.2014 / #5 Breakfast bowl cooked oats mixed with homemade almond milk (so creamy and good), chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, blackberries, and goji berries. Would recommend this.

1.25.2014 / #6 Leftover half Chipotle bowl, quiche, and quinoa quesdillas that we made the night before. We went to a music event the previous night, so we cooked beforehand. We didn't get home until 3 am, so when I woke up, all I felt like doing was eat leftovers.

1.26.2014 / #7 My first time using quinoa in my breakfast cereals which turned out to be pretty good. My friend and I went to Half Moon Bay today so I wanted to get a good start on the day by eating a nutritious and energizing breakfast. We also had hazelnut macchiatos since we woke up early today and had an hour drive. I would say this was a successful breakfast - we stayed awake all day and walked around the cute little town all morning and spent the afternoon on the beach. Pictures and blog post about that coming soon (i.e. tomorrow).

Overall, having a 365 breakfast project definitely helps me stay motivated with eating breakfast every day because there were some days where I just felt like skipping breakfast. At the same time, it also allows me to use my camera more (which I've enjoyed doing so more.)

Let me know if you have any breakfast suggestions for week two! :)
  • How was your week/weekend?
  • Can you believe it's almost February?! Where all January even go? (Remember when we were still making new year resolutions and goals? Time flies by so fast.)


  1. This is devine!! Everything looks so yummy - need to try some of these this week for sure x

  2. @Samantha Heather Thank you! :)