Saturday, January 25, 2014

falafels and quiche

I fell in love with falafels when I had my first bite at a food truck at Off the Grid in San Francisco. After that, I tried making my own but the taste and texture just didn't compare. The idea of attempting to make my own again came to me last week and this was the recipe I used.

I decided to bake them instead of frying them. Frying isn't exactly one of my best skills (or even something I'm remotely good at), so I always prefer baking (less effort involved and it also means I can do something else while waiting).

 I made more than twenty falafels so it was more than enough to share with everyone and to last for several days. I plan to make these again sometime in the following weeks. 
I was pleasantly surprised because my quiche turned out a lot better than I expected! 
It was also my first time making my own crust and grating my own cheese. The texture was really good, the crust was crunchy enough but not too crunchy or baked, and everything just went well together. Even my dad liked it!

It was so good I made another batch of quiche last night since I had extra ingredients leftover and I didn't want my spinach or mushrooms to go to waste. (Half of it is already gone.)
This happened on Tuesday and I spent 6 hours cooking that day and I didn't even notice until my feet started hurting due to standing the whole time, but everything turned out good so it was worth it.

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