Sunday, February 2, 2014

breakfast 365 // week two

01.27.2014  / #8 
I've been drinking tea a lot more (yay that was one of my new year resolutions!) Also I love putting coconut flakes on everything because it just makes everything look nicer.

01.28.2014  / #9
Three words: coffee for days. I actually don't drink coffee that much, but I kind of like the taste of coffee now which is really ironic because my first cup of coffee was two-thirds milk and cream at one point (I probably wasn't even drinking coffee at that point.)

01.29.2014  / #10
My friend made cheese blintz for breakfast and it was delicious! The filling was a bit much for my taste, but still good. Apparently it's a Russian dessert. I would definitely recommend trying this! (P.S. It takes a while to make so make sure you have enough time set aside.) Maybe you could make it for Sunday brunch.

01.30.2014  / #11
Overnight oats in mason jars are so convinent because you take it right out of the fridge the next morning without any hassle and it's yummy. So great for those of us who are half dead in the morning.

01.31.2014  / #12
Didn't wake up until noon, so Thai food it is! Breakfast is your first meal of the day right? So technically this is my breakfast. It was nice to sleep in until noon. The last time I woke up so early everyday for a week was probably months and months ago, so my body's reaction was "why are you doing this to me time to sleep in!!"

02.01.2014 / #13
 Yummy sandwich for breakfast/lunch because I stayed up too late watching The Bachelor. Oops.

02.02.2014 / #14
Woke up a bit earlier than the last few days, and made oatmeal. I prefer cold oatmeal over hot oatmeal, so my goal is to make overnight oats as much as possible (plus it'll be easier for me in the monrings that way because I normally just stare at things when it's too early for me.)  I'm still adjusting to the taste of nutritional yeast but let's be honest it's kind of gross tasting.

Confession: I was slacking this week with keeping up with my breakfasts (and it's only the second week - yikes).  But I still managed to take pictures of my breakfast every morning, so I'm still doing something right!

 How has your week been?

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