Wednesday, February 26, 2014

molly eats | mission beach cafe

This place is amazing. Great service, great food, great atmosphere. We came here to celebrate my friend's mom's birthday weekend. When we first drove up to the cafe, we saw the amount of people waiting outside and dreaded the wait. The worst part about eating out is probably the wait, especially at popular eateries. But most of the people were waiting had to wait for a table for two to clear up, so we got a table quickly.

I don't drink a lot of coffee and I'm not caffeine dependent, so it's pretty embarrassing when I try to order coffee because I don't understand most of the terms. Latte, mocha, macchiato.. wait what? I order a macchiato and apparently it wasn't what I was expecting, but our server was super nice about it and bought me a latte - turns out that a latte was what I wanted and it was really good.

We ordered dungeness crab benedict, mbc hevos, citrus cured salmon, and braised prather ranch short rib for our main dishes. Everything was so delicious and I was full in a short amount of time. Don't you hate it when you have a bunch of delicious food in front of  you, yet you're too full to eat it all? It happens to me quite a lot. But yeah - everything was super good and had a lot of flavor so I definitely recommend trying this place out if you're ever in the bay. They also have some pastries and pies for dessert, but I didn't have that much of a sweet tooth at the same plus I was super stuffed.


Hopefully I'll be back here soon!
What are some of your favorite brunch menu items?


  1. Glad you guys got a table quickly :P maybe
    making a reservation next time? Or is it impossible?
    Anyway, glad you like the latte as well, its
    my favorite type of caffeine :P and the dishes looks
    niiiice! Xx

    1. Hm I'm not sure if they take reservations or not, but yeah, that would be a good idea! And yes I know rightttt, they were delicious! (: