Friday, February 28, 2014

how healthy eating has taught me discipline

We've all heard about how eating healthy has lots of benefits like improving your mood and energy levels, being less stressed, lowering your chance of many health problems, and so on. But it also teaches us something else that I don't think many of us think about which is discipline.

Let's be honest for a minute here - I don't think choosing to have a healthy lifestyle is an easy thing to do because it's not. It doesn't mean it's impossible, because it's not; it just means it takes a lot of work.

It also takes up a good chunk of your time at first; rest assured it does get easier along the way, but it's still hard work (which in my opinion is a good thing.) You have to learn about what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, etc. There's so much information out there and sometimes you might even get overwhelmed by it all before you even take your first step.

Side note: I do think there are many things that people can do that improve their lifestyle like drinking more water, taking a walk after their meal, chewing more slowly, etc. But overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't easy which brings me to what I want to talk about today which is discipline.

So how has eating healthier taught me discipline?

I clean up after myself now, which is something I've never been good at. I clean the dishes after I'm done cooking. I go grocery shopping once or twice a week even when I don't feel like it. I take the time to make myself healthy even when I feel like putting instant noodles in the microwave. It also taught me to eat mindfully and enjoy my food, as well as indulging in other foods (like cake and greasy burritos) once in a while because it's good for the soul (and your sanity.)

And by learning to do all these things - it's helped me in other areas of my life too.

I'm better with time management, have better study habits, and procrastinate less. Eating healthy isn't easy and it's something I'm still learning to do and I still struggle with it, but I do think it's worth it.  There are so many benefits to eating healthy, and this is one of them.

This is also why I choose to study holistic nutrition, because every part of your life connects as a whole; it's kind of like a domino effect with each part influencing the rest. And if people choose to improve one aspect of their life, the other parts will follow along.

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