Thursday, January 16, 2014

quinoa and smoothies

I've been eating more homemade foods lately, and I'm loving it. This blog and being able to take pictures again really helps and motivates me. I can't remember the last time I use my camera before this blog, probably not since a little after high school. It's still a bit tricky trying to make lunch/dinner recipes; I feel like it's always a hit or miss.


I love putting my breakfast foods and smoothies in mason jars. The colors go nicely with each other and it's so bright, and it looks wonderful.

Currently out of Greek yogurt, so I only had coconut milk avaliable for this fruit bowl. Hopefully I'll get a chance to restock this week; there's not really any American grocery stores near where I live, and I don't like driving there just to get one or two things. But I'll be going to school again soon, which means there's a Safeway on the way back home yay!


  I recently started using my Vitamix blender again, and wow the smoothies taste so much better now. The consistency and texture of it is just amazing. And I got a really nice shade of green in yesterday's smoothie (the third one).

Also went to the library this week to print my school stuff out and did a book haul. I don't know why I still check out recipe books, even though there are a million recipes online, but the photos just look so good. And people put lots of work into their books, so I thought I should take the time to look through them.


I made quinoa mac and cheese with spinach last night; the first bite was really good. But when I tried it again later that night, my stomach started hurting (might be because I might be lactose intolerant). Maybe there was just too much dairy for me. :(

EDIT // The quinoa mac n cheese is super yummy; my friend and her mom loved it. I had the leftovers (I gave most of it to my friend) for lunch today and I loved it. Turns out the leftovers are better if you bake them than microwaving them - just a side note! And I think my dad likes it as well! (He normally doesn't like these types of foods.) Definitely making this again sometime soon - hopefully tomorrow after work. I don't want the leftover milk in my fridge to go to waste and I still have butter leftover.

Not pictured, but I also made sweet potato jasmine rice patty cakes. I substitued quinoa with jasmine rice because I had just made a fresh batch. (It's going to take me a while to learn how to follow recipes and cook.) But it was really good nonetheless and reminded me of how much I love sweet potatoes!


  1. Yum! That quinoa mac and cheese looks delicious. I think I am even willing to risk an upset stomach. :) Your blog is very pretty.

  2. @Jeneric Generation
    It is indeed very delicious! I actually made myself another batch since I gave most of it to my friend. I think it helps if you bake it instead of microwaving it when reheating. And thank you! :)